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RESULTS - March 18 & 19 2017 | Week 1

A1 MEN Southern Suburbs 3 (N. Christensen 2, K. Christensen) drew with Frenchville Rovers 3 (T. Byrne, J. Wright, N. Moffat) Wanderers 3 (C. McKay, A. Landsberg, C. Evans) def Park Avenue Brothers 0. A1 WOMEN Southern Suburbs 6 (A. Buckley 3, M. Dobbs 2, S. Bouna) def Frenchville Rovers 2 (M. Brighton 2) Wanderers 2 (R. Williams 2) drew with Park Avenue Brothers 2 (C. Knuth 2) A3 MEN Wanderers 4 (C. White 2, R. Twiner, M. Findlater) def Southern Suburbs 1 (A. Bickell) Park Avenue Brothers 3 (P. Perna, R. Sweeney, C. Welsh) def Frenchville Rovers 1 (D. Collins) U/15 BOYS Frenchville Rovers 7 (N. Moffat 2, J. Wright 2, L. Sisley, G. Singh, K. Lenzina) def Park Avenue Brothers 5 (L. Plant 2, C. Mackenzie, B. Howell, D. Quinlan) Wanderers 3 (R. Weatherhead 2, J. Cass) def Southern Suburbs 2 (R. O'Hanlon, B. Christensen). U/15 GIRLS Frenchville Rovers 3 (J. Moffat 2, C. McGree) def Souths/Wanderers 1 (R. Williams) Frenchville Rovers 2 (J. Moffat, E. Moffat) def Park Avenue Brothers 0. Park Avenue Brothers 2 (C. Knuth 2) def Souths/Wanderers 0. U/12 BOYS Wanderers 4(J. Cass 3, D. Rossow) def Southern Suburbs 3 (C. Gardner, J. Farrands, A. Toon) PA Brothers Red 1(J. Butler) drew with Frenchville Rovers 1 (G. Singh) U/12 GIRLS PA Brothers Pumas 4 (S. James 2, L. Bryson, S. Duke) def Frenchville Rovers 1 (G. Wright) Southern Suburbs 3(S. Hammond, S. Singleton, M. Stewart) def Wanderers 0.

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